Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Fur Bible

Very short lived project with Kid Congo Powers (his first attempt at singing) and Patricia Morrison after the Gun Club disintegrated. Released only one EP "Plunder the Tombs" in 1985, produced by Jim Thirlwell (aka Clint Ruin aka Foetus).

Saturday 12 October 1985, "Small Hall", 22:45-23:30

Line up
Kid Congo Powers – guitar, vocals; Patricia Morrison – bass; Murray Mitchell – guitar (and saxophone?) ; Desparate (Peter Kablaen)– drums

Set list
01 Unknown
02 Headbolt
03 Unknown
04 Unknown (cut)

I have a lossless (flac) radio recording of the above 4 tracks. Unfortunately, it's in mono.

Other info
Morrison and Powers played Pandora’s 1984 with the Gun Club, Desperate joined them shortly after Pandora's 84. Mitchell was an ex-roadie (and occasional guitar player) with Siouxsie & the Banshees who had played Pandora's 83. Gun Club main man Jeffrey Lee Pierce also played Pandora’s as the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Quartet.

Article from festival booklet

Article from Oor (1985-20)

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