Thursday, September 24, 2009

Richard Strange

Richard Strange (born January 1951) is a British musician, actor, writer and composer. In 1975 he fronted the protopunk rock band Doctors of Madness. Strange has made films with Tim Burton, Neil Jordan, and Martin Scorsese, and appeared in several episodes of the successful comedy Men Behaving Badly playing the part of Neville the stoned hippy.
In 1981, Strange released the album "The Phenomenal Rise of Richard Strange" on Virgin Records.
In 1986, another song, "Damascus", got first released on 12'' maxi vinyl on both the Belgian Another Side and the German WEA labels.
In 2002, Strange’s autobiography, "Punks and Drunks and Flicks and Kicks" was published. Strange played the role of an Abraham Lincoln impersonator in Harmony Korine's 2008 film, Mister Lonely. (


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Strangest thing
Strange visited Cambodia in 2008 but I didn't get to meet him...

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