Thursday, September 24, 2009

Photo Phenomenon


Photo information flyer (thanks Surfling)

Front of photo ticket (thanks Surfling)

Back of photo ticket (thanks Surfling)

Glasses provided by Oor magazine (thanks Surfling)

What's this? Pandora's entry. They took a picture of every visitor of the festival. There were rumours that they would launch these photos into space. Guess they didn't. When I asked them for a duel they agreed. (

Photo information sheet, detailing the purpose and procedures of the whole photo phenomenon. If and when I have time, I might try to find out what happened to the photos.


Han Orsel said...

I'm still in the dark about what happened to the photo's. I would love to know, though.
Thety took a picture of me , too.

Midzomernacht said...

Yes, I was photographed as well, and so was my fiance with whom I still live together. Who was the photographer? It is a sort of pre-exactitude like Ari Versluis makes. I would love to see the photo's.