Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Photos 1985

Jeroen was kind enough to send me some scans of photos taken by his late brother Marcel Snoek at Pandora's 85. Unfortunately, we do not recognize some of the artists. Please let me know if you know who these people are. Huge thanks to Jeroen!

Phenomena 1985

Photo from Sounds (26 October 1985) depicting the "blue liquid bar". These excerpts from the review describes this and various other phenomena: "There she was, standing in a fishtank of blue liquid which she dispensed into cups while miming to songs from West Side Story. [...] the old man herding sheep through the foyer [...] A row of vacant hospital beds stared back, clinically."

This is not the First Aid station, but rather the Emergency Ward - one of Pandora's 85's phenomena (photo by Marcel Snoek - huge thanks to Jeroen)