Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Rain Parade

The Rain Parade were a band active in the Paisley Underground scene in Los Angeles in the 1980s. Its founding members were Matt Piucci (guitar) and brothers David Roback (guitar) and Stephen Roback (bass guitar),who had been in a band called The Unconscious with Susanna Hoffs (who went on to lead the most famous of the Paisley Underground bands, The Bangles.) The band soon added Will Glenn (keyboards and violin) and later Eddie Kalwa (drums). (

Saturday, 12 October 1985, "Small Hall", 03:10 - 04:10

Matt Piucci - guitar; David Roback - guitar; Stephen Roback - bass guitar; Will Glenn - keyboards, violin; Eddie Kalwa - drums
Maybe David had left already to join Opal with Kendra Smith (ex-Dream Syndicate).

Set list
Unknown. They are joined on stage by Green on Red for the finale of their set.

It's unknown whether any audio recordings exist.

Fragment of the Rain Parade together with Green on Red at Pandora's 85 as uploaded to YouTube by waaghalsrecords.

Other info

Article from festival booklet

Article from Oor (1985/20)

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