Monday, October 22, 2007

Chris Isaak

Christopher Joseph Isaak (born June 26, 1956 in Stockton, California) is an American indie rock, pop and rock and roll singer, songwriter, and occasional actor. Isaak's music can be described as a blend of country, blues, rock and roll, pop and surf rock. (

Saturday, 12 October 1985, "Small Hall", 01:40 - 02:40

Line up
Chris Isaak – vocals, guitar; Jimmy Wilsey – lead guitar, vocal; Rolie Sally – bass, vocal; Kenny Dale Johnson – drums

Set list
01 Tears
02 The lonely ones
03 Gone ridin’
04 Talk to me
05 Devil woman
06 Living for your lover
07 Unhappiness
08 Voodoo
09 Dixie fried (Carl Perkins cover)
10 Diddley daddy
11 In the heat of the jungle
12 Vaya con dios
13 Jack the Ripper (Link Wray cover)

I've got a complete radio recording of tracks 01 - 13, 41'57".

Other info

Chris Isaak on stage at Pandora's 85 (photo by Marcel Snoek - huge thanks to Jeroen)

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