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Jeffrey Lee Pierce Quartet

In 1985, Jeffrey Lee Pierce put the Gun Club on hold to record his first solo album Wildweed. To promote the album he toured under the moniker Jeffrey Lee Pierce Quartet.

Friday, 11 October 1985, "Dance Hall", 21:00 - 22:00

Line up
Jeffrey Lee Pierce – vocals, guitar; Romi Mori – guitar; Dean Dennis – bass; Nick Sanderson - drums

The tour supporting the Wildweed LP was done by a different band than the recording. This saw the first appearances of Nick Sanderson and Pierce's then-current paramour Romi Mori. At this time, Romi was playing guitar, as she had done previously in a Japanese Runaways covers band. They toured under the name The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Quartet, including Dean Dennis of Clock DVA. As they toured the US, the record label was giving Jeffrey a lot of hassle over the disbelievability of a Japanese girl as a musician. The band were also getting a lot of racism from their audiences, presumably taking the rebel flag seriously. (

Set list
00 Midnight promise
00 Hey Juana
00 Wildweed

Midnight promise was broadcast on radio, along with an interview. Hey Juana and Wildweed were released as bonus tracks on Wildweed (remaster), Flow Records, 2005.

Other info

JLP on stage at Pandora's 85 (Sounds, 26 October 1985)

Dennis and Sanderson were previously in Clock DVA, who played Pandora's 83, and the Anti Group, who played Pandora's 84. They are the only artists appearing at all three Pandora's Music Box editions.

After Clock DVA split in the mid eighties, the remaining members continued to record as experimental collective The Anti Group, a period that also saw Dennis tour as part of the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Quartet - predictably, he describes his time with the former Gun Club singer as ‘punishing and debauched.’ (

In 1985, eager for new adventures, Dean & Nick joined the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Quartet for the Wild Weed tour. This was to be a punishing year of broken down buses, hysterical laughter, sweltering heat and alcohol abuse. (

Pierce was planning to use Murray Mitchell (who played saxophone and guitar on the record) on guitar. Eventually, this didn't happen because Romi Mori joined the band. Mitchell was guitar roadie (and occasional player) for Siouxsie & the Banshees (who played Pandora's 83) and ended up playing guitar in Fur Bible, also on Pandora's 85, along with ex-Gun Club members Kid Congo Powers, Patricia Morrison and Desperate.

When the album is out, Pierce is going on the road again. A European tour is planned, but Sweden is unfortunately not included in the planning.
"I'm going to use the rhythm-section from Clock DVA and Murray Mitchell, who played saxophone on the record, will probably be playing guitar. Or else it will be a Japanese girl I know on guitar. She's better than me and besides, she'd look great on stage, something like an oriental Kid Congo." (From Swedish magazine Schlager 1985/4,

Article from festival booklet

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