Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Claw Boys Claw

Guitar band from Amsterdam fronted by charismatic singer Peter te Bos that is influenced by garage punk of bands like Gun Club and the Stooges. Gradually, the band's musical style develops into the direction of melodic swamp rock. (http://www.hollandrocks.nl/bio/bz344.html)

Friday, 21 September 1984, "Garage Box", 21:15 - 21:45

Line up
Peter te Bos – vocals; John Cameron – guitar; Bobbie Rossini – bass; Allard Jolles – drums

Set list
01 Shake it on the rocks
02 Cosmic blue
03 Venus

I have a radio recording of tracks 01 - 03

Other info
Jolles played Pandora's 1985 as singer/guitarist for L'Attentat.

De band is in 1984 één van de hoogtepunten tijdens de tweede editie van het vooruitstrevende festival Pandora’s Music Box in Rotterdam. (http://www.50jaarnederpop.nl/canon.php?id=35)

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