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In 1982 richt Ad van Meurs het redelijk succesvolle W.A.T. op. Met deze waveband, waarin ook zijn partner Ankie Keultjes speelt, maakt hij drie albums. Het trio valt op door een apart verbond van synthesizer en (slide)gitaar. Ad and Ankie would later continue as The Watchman.

Friday, 2 September 1983, "Kleine Zaal", 22:00 - 22:45

Line up
Ad van Meurs – guitar, voice; Ankie Keultjes – synthesizer, voice; Frank van den Nieuwenhof – bass

Set list
01 Vive la vie
02 Artlovers
03 Sizzored and homesick
04 Get famous
05 Defreeze
06 Very happy
07 Ivanhoe
08 City Indians
09 Shall I go, I go restless
10 Get famous (encore)
("Likely setlist"... Thanks to Frank van den Nieuwenhof)

I have a radio recording of 02 and 05, get them here:
Frank van den Nieuwenhof has just uploaded remastered versions of a number of tracks (01, 02, 04, 06 and 07) recorded at Pandora's onto the "World According To" Myspace page:

Other info

W.A.T. (from World According To) were a Dutch trio based on sequencers, slide guitar and a thin female voice. They played on Pandora's Music Box, a new wave festival in de Doelen in Rotterdam, 2-3-4 September 1983. A lot of new wave acts played there and a lot is broadcasted on Dutch public radio (and I taped it): Siouxsie & Banshees, W.A.T., Durutti Column, Die Haut (& Nick Cave), Howard Devoto, S.P.K., The Box, Peter Hammill, Skeleton Crew, Jah Wobble, Spear of Destiny, Clock DVA, Armoury Show, Kowalski, Danse Society, Fad Gadget, TC Matic. (

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