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Nico and band

Christa Päffgen (October 16, 1938 – July 18, 1988) was a German singer-songwriter, fashion model, actress, keyboard player and Warhol superstar, best known by her pseudonym Nico. She is remembered for both her time in The Velvet Underground and her solo work.

Saturday, 12 October 1985, "Big Hall", 21:00 - 22:00

Line up
Nico – vocals, Indian pump organ; Eric Graham Dowdall – electronic percussion; Eric Random – percussion, synthesizer; Toby Toman (Phillip Tomanov) – drums; James Young (James Edward) – keyboards

Set list
01 All saints night (9:14)
02 Procession (3:48)
03 Secret side (3:33)
04 Das Lied vom einsamen Mädchen (6:08)
05 Win a few (8:55)
06 König (4:27)
07 Purple lips (4:32)
08 All tomorrow's parties (3:03)
09 Fearfully in danger (6:49)
10 The end (10:10)
11 My funny Valentine (4:15)
12 Sixty/forty (incomplete version) (2:26)
13 Tananore (4:06)
14 Janitor of lunacy (4:19)
15 My heart is empty (5:15)
16 Femme fatale (3:48)

The complete show was officially released as double vinyl album Behind the Iron Curtain, Dojo, 1986. Total time 78'08". The CD re-released omits tracks 9 - 12. Tracks 10 and 11 were also released on the Live Heroes CD (Performance, 1986) and the bootleg My Funny Valentine.

I have 01 - 08 and 13 - 16, taken from (the CD re-issue of) Behind the Iron Curtain.

Other info
According to the cover of Behind the Iron Curtain, it was recorded in Warsaw, Budapest and Prague, but it was in fact recorded at Pandora's 85.

Laut Cover Liveaufnahmen aus Warschau, Budapest und Prag, September/Oktober 1985, tatsächlich aber live aus Rotterdam, "Pandora's Music Box '85" De Doelen Concertgebouw, 9.10.85 [Actually 12 October 1985 - P@ndora]. (

Note the complete bollocks in this AMG review. They keep hearing the “Eastern Europe feel” in the recording…:

AMG REVIEW: Amid the sheer quantity of "live in the 1980s"-style Nico live albums that commenced raining down in the early '80s, and which have barely abated in the years since her death, few stand out as being more (or less) valuable than any other. Inasmuch as it captures an entire concert, Behind the Iron Curtain is one of the few exceptions, a classy recording of a late-1985 show in Warsaw, Poland, as she toured on the back of Camera Obscura. Backed by the ever-faithful Faction band, the show was played out before an audience of almost unbecoming politeness — keyboard player James Young, recalling the event in his The End memoir, described the onlookers as "serious and subdued...I think the problem was that, for once, Nico was out-doomed." As the album title notes, Poland still lay behind the Iron Curtain at that time, a land where audience participation was seriously discouraged. Young wrote that the "performance was as reserved as the seating," but that is to the album's advantage. With a live set that ranges throughout Nico's career, from old road warriors like Femme Fatale and All Tomorrow's Parties to new additions My Funny Valentine and Das Lied Vom Einsamen Madchen, the playing is precise and Nico is in excellent voice. The End is as chilling as it always should be (but, all too often on live recordings, isn't), and the version of Janitor of Lunacy has an edge that still sends shivers down the spine. And what more could you want from a Nico album? — Dave Thompson (

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