Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Defunkt is a punk-funk-jazz collective that was founded 1978 in New York, United States and is still active. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defunkt)
Led by singing trombonist Joe Bowie (younger brother of famed jazz trumpeter Lester Bowie), the seven-man Defunkt peddled black funk with dry bounce. Originally formed as James Chance's horn section, Defunkt also had ties with the world of avant-garde jazz, putting it in a unique and culturally resonant position. (http://www.trouserpress.com/entry.php?a=defunkt)

Friday, 11 October 1985, "Big Hall", 01:40 - 2:50

Line up
Joe Bowie - trombone; Kim Clarke - vocals, bass; Ronny Drayton - guitar; Bill Bickford - guitar; John Mulkerin - trumpet; Kenny Martin - drums (line-up confirmed by John Mulkerin)

Set list


Other info
... Beveiliging die probeerde mensen met dansen te laten stoppen toen Defunkt speelde... (Henk den Toom)


John said...

Just a correction on the lineup: Kelvyn Bell wasn't on this gig, Ronny Drayton replaced him on guitar for this tour. The rest of the lineup is the same. Kelvyn's name may have been on the program, there were often last minute changes in personnel back then.
John Mulkerin

P@ndora said...

Thanks John! I'd be interested to hear any info you may have on this gig or the festival! P@ndora