Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Schedule 1983

Amazing lineup for this first edition of Pandora’s Music Box. Looking at the schedule I cannot help but drool and think how amazing it would be to have actually been there…

Looking more closely, I notice the timetable. And I notice that I would have had to be institutionalized after a weekend like this! See, I’m one of those guys who go to festivals to see bands play. Sure, boozing with friends is great, atmosphere is important, but to me the most important thing is who’s playing. And I wanna see them. Now take a look at the schedule for 3 September and tell me how I would’ve been able to see the bands that I like in this lineup: Death Cult, Clock DVA, Spear of Destiny, Armoury Show, Fad Gadget, Kowalski, Big Country, Virgin Prunes, Danse Society, Xmal Deutschland & TC Matic? Basically: I’m not so crazy about the Violent Femmes, I would’ve wanted to see the rest, at least partially. Maybe it’s best that I wasn’t there…

Acts mentioned/negotiated/listed/contracted that didn’t play: China Crisis, Marine Girls, Cabaret Voltaire, Cocteau Twins, Eyeless in Gaza, Gun Club (played 1984), Fleshtones (played 1984), Bernard Szajzner, 23 Skidoo, Southern Death Cult (merged into Death Cult who did play), Nico (played 1985), Alarm, Everything but the Girl, New Order, Blancmange, End Games, Bauhaus (disintegrated before the festival).

The Gun Club and Cabaret Voltaire are in the official Pandora’s 1983 booklet but they are not on the schedule. They were both cancelled at the last minute. The Gun Club managed to get their act together in time for Pandora's 84.

Schedule from the official festival booklet.

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