Wednesday, October 24, 2007

John Cale

John Davies Cale (born March 9, 1942) is a Welsh musician, songwriter and record producer. He is best known for his work in rock music, particularly as a founding member of The Velvet Underground, and he has worked in a variety of styles over the years. Cale created the wall of feedback and distortion that Sandy Pearlman would describe as heavy metal in a Crawdaddy! review of the first Velvet Underground LP.

Saturday, 22 September 1984, "Grote Box", 21:00 - 22:00

Line up
John Cale - vocals, guitar, piano

Set list
01 Amsterdam
02 Leaving it up to you
03 Buffalo ballet
04 Riverbank
05 Dead or alive
06 Guts (cut)

A complete audience recording exists, 60' ( A partial radio recording exists: tracks 01 - 06. Listen to the stream here: (

Other info

John Cale at Pandora's 1984 (Vrije Volk, 24-09-1984, taken from KIEM website)


Magnix said...

Regarding recordings of this performance: I have a tape (dubbed from another tape more than 18 years ago) which has the following tracks:
1. Amsterdam
2. Leaving It Up To You
3. Buffalo Ballet
4. Riverbank
5. Dead Or Alive
6. Chinese Envoy
7. Thoughtless Kind
8. Fear
I do not know more details about it's source and lineage, but it definitely sounds like a FM broadcast.

Magnix said...

Also note that on the VPRO 2001 recording you link to, track 5 is already cut shortly before the end of the show, so "Guts" has not been aired. I have not compared it with the available stream. However, that should be same as my tape from the FM broadcast I got as well. Cheers.