Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TC Matic

TC Matic was a Belgian rock band, originating in 1980 from the duo Tjens Couter (Arno Hintjens, vocals and Paul Decoutere, guitar). Decoutere was replaced shortly after the establishment of TC Matic by Jean-Marie Aerts, who cooperated with Hintjens in the majority of the band's compositions.
TC Matic mixed diverse styles: new wave, blues, funk, hard rock, avant-garde and even French chanson, resulting in nervous metropolitan rock with American influences but a distinct European character. TC Matic's sound of the early 1980s can be called unique, and had quite an influence on musical contemporaries, notably in the Benelux.

Saturday, 3 September 1983, "Grote Zaal", 03:00 - 04:00

Line up
Arno Hintjens – vocals, Jean-Marie Aerts – guitar, Serge Feys – synthesizer, Ferre Baelen (or Michael Peet) – bass, Rudy Cloet – drums

01 L’union fait la force
02 Que pasa
03 Le java
04 With you
05 Viva boema

I have a radio recording of tracks 01 - 05. Get them here: http://www.wiels.nl/blog/index.php?entry=entry070921-184709

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