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The Box

Sheffield group 1981-1985, formed out of the ashes of the first Clock DVA. Former DVA members Paul Widger, Charlie Collins and Roger Quail linked up with bassman Terry Todd, and worked with several vocalists including Ken Bingley and Stephen Mallinder (of Cabaret Voltaire) before recruiting Peter Hope. The Box were the first group to sign for Go! Discs for whom they released 2 LPs and several singles. Parting company in 1984 they released further records on the Cabs' Doublevision imprint before splitting in 1985. (,+The+(3))

One of the few bands capable of effectively combining the spontaneity and musicianship of jazz with the urgency and rough-edged sound of rock, the Box were a five-piece spin-off from Sheffield industrial funksters Clock DVA. Comparisons to Captain Beefheart, Gang of Four, the Minutemen and Ornette Coleman are all appropriate; execution is first-rate (especially by ex-Clocks Paul Widger on guitar and saxophonist Charlie Collins), the material frantic. (

Friday, 2 September 1983, "Feestzaal", 02:15 - 03:45

Line up
Peter Hope – vocals; Paul Widger – guitar; Ch
arlie Collins – saxophone; Terry Todd – bass; Roger Quail – drums

Set list
01 The hup
02 No time to talk
03 Watergrowth teeth
04 Swing

I have a radio recording of tracks 01 – 04, 13'02". Get them here:

Other info

The Box at Pandora's 83 (Vinyl 1983/9)

The Box' box (Vinyl 1983/9)

Peter Hope at Pandora's 83 (Oor magazine 1983/18)

Widger, Collins and Quail are all ex-Clock DVA, who played Pandora's 83 on Saturday.

Article from festival booklet

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Magnix said...

Full setlist (from Spleen magazine):
1. Momentum
2. Out
3. Big Slam
4. The Flatstone
5. The Hub
6. No Time To Talk
7. Water Grows Teeth
8. Swing
9. Burn Down That Village
Also see:

And for the recording of this complete set: