Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Anne Clark and band

Anne Clark (born Croydon, London, England, 14 May 1960) is an English poet and songwriter. Clark is mainly a spoken word artist, but she also plays piano and occasionally accompanies herself, with piano and voice mixing in a somewhat atypical new wave style. Many of her lyrics deal critically with the imperfections of humanity, everyday life, and politics. Especially in her early works she has created a gloomy, melancholy kind of atmosphere bordering on weltschmerz. In 1985, Clark released the album Pressure Points. It was created in cooperation with John Foxx, who had founded Ultravox. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Clark)

Saturday, 12 October 1985, "Big Hall", 22:40 - 23:40

Line up
Anne Clark - vocals; Jim Manray - guitar; Steve Kilbourne - ?; John Youren (John Nyles?) - bass, keyboards; Tony Koreyki - keyboards

Not completely sure about the line up. These guys were the band Silly Taboo, for which Kilbourne was the singer. I'm not sure if he was in Anne Clark's band and if so, what he did.

Set list
01 World without warning
02 Bursting
03 Poem for a nuclear romance
04 Self destruct
05 Killing time
06 The interruption
07 Heaven
08 The power game
09 Our darkness

A recording exists

Other info

Anne Clark on stage at Pandora's 85 (photo by Marcel Snoek - huge thanks to Jeroen)

Anne Clark and band on stage at Pandora's 85 (photo by Marcel Snoek - huge thanks to Jeroen)

Article from festival booklet

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