Monday, November 5, 2007

The Opposition

The Opposition are a long running post-punk band from London, England that featured Ralph Hall, Marcus Bell and Mark Long, and mixed new wave sounds with reggae rhythms. Founded in 1979, The Opposition released their first single on the independent record label Double Vision records. This was called Very Little Glory which the NME (New Musical Express) reviewed and said that it was "a song recorded before its time". (

Friday, 21 September 1984, "Kleine Box", 21:15 - 22:15

Line up
Mark Long – vocals, guitar; Marcus Bell – bass; Ralph Hall – drums

Set list
01 If that wasn't love
02 First suspect
03 Empire days
04 Breaking the silence

Thanks to Cochon, I have the above mentioned tracks 01 - 04 from a radio broadcast in lossless quality (shn), total time 18'48" (full broadcast, not full set).

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Ha ha is mijn radio opname toch nog goed terecht gekomen!
De meesten verlieten de zaal met de mond nog open. Zij maakten grote indruk. Na la die jaren krijg ik nog kippenvel als ik aan dat concert terug denk...