Friday, November 2, 2007

Theme from Pandora's Music Box 83

I was amazed to discover today that there was an official Theme from Pandora's Musix Box 83. The artists were called The Music Box Orchestra, and I have no idea who they were.

A one-sided 12" was released on a label called either Pandora Records or Pandorecords. Apperantly, a limited edition "rare Berry Visser production". Visser was one of the founders of Mojo Concerts, the organisers of Pandora's Music Box. Willem Venema was in charge of music, Visser was in charge of the "phenomena", alienating musical and theatrical effects in the venue.

Tijdens zijn Mojo periode bedacht en gaf hij samen met klankmagiër Michel Waisvisz vorm en inhoud aan de 'verschijnselen' tijdens Pandora's Music Box en Ein Abend in Wien [Pandora's Music Box successor, only one single edition in 1991 - P@ndora]: vervreemdende muziek- en theatereffecten in de openbare ruimten van twee legendarische festivals voor vernieuwende popmuziek in de Rotterdamse Doelen (1983, '84, '85 en '91). (

If anyone could lend me $162, I could get a copy from these guys'pandora's.

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Shaant! said...

Whoa, I've been searching everywhere for this.
Thanks, mate!