Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Green on Red

Green on Red were an American rock band, formed in the Tucson, Arizona punk scene, but based for most of its career in Los Angeles, California, where it was loosely associated with the Paisley Underground. Earlier records have the wide-screen psychedelic sound of first-wave desert rock, with occasional impulses toward pop mitigated by the limitations of shambolic vocalist Dan Stuart. Later records suggest a kind of broke-down American Rolling Stones. Others have called them the bastard children of Neil Young. (

Friday, 11 October 1985, "Big Hall", 3:20 - 04:20

Line up
Dan Stuart – vocals, guitar; Chuck Prophet – guitar; Chris Cacavas – keyboards; Jack Waterson – bass; Keith Mitchell – drums (drummer Alex McNicol had quit on the eve of the fall ’85 tour,

Set list
01 (Ain't It) Funny How Time Slips Away
02 That's What Dreams Were Made For
03 Black River
04 Sixteen Ways
05 Down To The Bone
06 Sea of Cortez
07 Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way
08 No Free Lunch
09 Honest Man
10 This I Know
11 We Shall Overcome
12 Hair Of The Dog
13 The Drifter
14 Everybody Loves To Play The Fool
15 Down By The River
16 Gravity Talks
17 Cheap Wine
18 5 Easy Pieces
They joined the Rain Parade on stage at the end of their set.

I have a complete lossless (flac) audience recording.

Fragment of Green on Red joining the Rain Parade on stage for the finale of their set at Pandora's 85 as uploaded to YouTube by user waaghalsrecords.

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