Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Niew Hip Stilen

Tegendraadse Rotterdamse jazz/popband die in de eerste helft van de jaren tachtig experimenteert met samples en computers op het podium en verschillende stijlen als jazz, punk en new wave met elkaar combineert. (http://www.popinstituut.nl/biografie/niew_hip_stilen.6186.html)

Friday, 2 September 1983, "Feestzaal", 01:15 - 02:00

Line up
Maarten van Gent – bass, drums, guitar, percussie & vocals; Jan Willem van Mook – bass, sax, keyboards, percussion & computer; Rutger van Otterloo – sax, drums & percussion

Set list
00 Blues
00 Ice man
00 Raw beat
00 Relax yourself

Henk Madrotter sent me 12 tracks of this gig as mp3's, most of them untitled, total time 60'. This recording is longer than the allocated time for Niew Hip Stilen at Pandora's. It's unknown if this is from a radio broadcast or recorded directly from the soundboard. The audience sounds very distant, which leads me to believe it's a soundboard.

Other info
De groep staat in september op het programma van het groots opgezette festival Pandora's Music Box in de Doelen te Rotterdam. (

Frontman of this band was Maarten, the bald one, who used to play guitar with the legendary communist Rotterdam punkband The Rondo's... I saw Niew Hip Stilen perform live at one of those Pandora Festivals and still have the (pretty good) recordings of that.

Yeah, I have those recordings. Niew Hip put out a tape with those recordings along with some other material, I was actually standing in the front at that concert... I just send those recordings to the mutant-sounds blog, don't know when he (Eric) will post 'em but the sound quality was still pretty good... Frontman Maarten from Niew Hip used to play guitar in legendary Rotterdam punk band the Rondos, I still have that album, anybody still has their singles?

Article from festival booklet

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