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Death Cult

In April 1983, Astbury teamed up with guitarist Billy Duffy and formed the band "Death Cult". Duffy had previously been in The Nosebleeds, Lonesome No More and then Theatre of Hate. In addition to Astbury and Duffy, the band also included Jamie Stewart (bass) and Raymond Taylor Smith (later known as Ray Mondo) (drums), both from the Harrow, London based post-punk band, Ritual. Death Cult made their live debut in Oslo, Norway in late June 1983 and released the Death Cult EP in July 1983, then toured throughout Europe. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cult)

Saturday, 3 September, "Feestzaal", 21:00 - 22:00

Line up
Ian Astbury – vocals; Billy Duffy – guitar; Jamie Stewart – bass; Ray Mondo – drums (According to
http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/The-Cult-Biography/566B4CAC061246AE48256B060007DC0D, Mondo was replaced by Nigel Preston after the Futurama gig)

Set list
01 Ghost dance
02 Too young
03 Brothers Grimm
04 Butterfly
05 The waste of love
06 Christians
07 Gods zoo
08 A flower in the desert
09 The resurrection song
10 Horse nation

A complete audience recording of tracks 01 – 10 exists.

Other info
I seem to remember hearing that there was some confusion about who played. They were announced as “Southern Death Cult” and performing as “Death Cult” or announced as “Death Cult” and performing as “Cult”. I may have the recording somewhere and need to check if Astbury mentions this.

Duffy was previously in Theatre of Hate with Kirk Brandon, who played Pandora's 83 with his new band Spear of Destiny. It's possible that Spear of Destiny's line up at Pandora's included Nigel Preston on drums. He would go on to join Death Cult shortly after the Futurama gig (Sunday, 4 September 1983).

Death Cult also played Pandora's 85 under their new name the Cult, and (maybe) Pandora's 84. I'll get to the disputed 84 performance later on.

Article fr
om festival booklet

Article from Zig Zag magazine (1983/11) about the fall tour through Europe. Describes Pandora's (and it's Belgian counterpart Futurama) quite extensively.

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