Monday, November 5, 2007

Flesh for Lulu

Flesh for Lulu is a gothic/alternative rock band formed in 1982 in the UK. (
The ready adaptability of this Brixton quartet enabled them to rise from the ashes of London's ill-fated Batcave scene — a curious association to begin with, since these mascaraed, leather-clad poseurs are more closely related to old-fashioned rock than gothic grave-robbing. With undisguised superstar aspirations, they signed to Polydor and released two excellent singles (Restless and Subterraneans). The self-titled album that followed, despite the inclusion of both songs, sinks into the mire, an overlong, overproduced '80s punk take on the Rolling Stones (check the cover of Jigsaw Puzzle), a commodity for which there is no pressing demand. (

Friday, 21 September 1984, "Kleine Box", 02:45 - 03:45

Line up
Nick Marsh – vocals, guitar; Rocco Barker – guitar, vocals; Glen Bishop (or Kevin Mills) – bass; James Mitchell – drums

Set list
01 Restless
02 Hyena
03 Roman Candle
04 Coming Down
05 Brainburst
06 Cat Burglar
07 Subterraneans
08 Peace and Love
09 Ten Foot Tall
10 Dog Dog Dog

I have a complete lossless (flac) audience recording.

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